Herringbone at St Peter Port, Guernsey

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About This Project

The aim of this project was to cover the existing subfloors, which included tired and outdated ceramic tiles, with a fresh and modern floor finish.

After discussions with Interior Designer Anne Curr (Anne Curr Design Ltd), it was decided that a dark Herringbone engineered wood flooring would be the best fit for the large open space of this property. Once it was decided to go with V4 Wood Flooring’s ZB103 Silver Haze, we arranged for a pack to be sent from the batch that would end up being hers. We do this for most clients who choose an engineered wood product as the floor is a natural product and the overall look can sometimes be different between batches, especially when the floor has been stained a different colour as in this instance.

As there were numerous different subfloors at different levels, we decided on an Ardex Levelling and Smoothing Compound in conjunction with an Ardex Primer to ensure a suitable bond and to help reduce pinholes. Finally, Ardex Feather Finish was used to finish any low spots to create a completely sound and smooth subfloor ready for the installation of the Herringbone Flooring with a flexible adhesive.

Our fitters were able to prepare the subfloor and seamlessly install the 140 square meters of Herringbone Flooring over the course of two weeks. Where necessary, matching profiles were used to break up the flooring or to finish against areas where skirting wouldn’t be installed. On this occasion, the walls were bare and a new skirting was going to be installed over the expansion gap of the flooring.


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Features of ZB103


V4 believe a quality hardwood floor should last for generations which is why all V4 Wood Flooring is covered for domestic use by a 35 year guarantee.

Hardwax Oiled Finish

This floor is finished with coats of hardwax oil which keeps the hardwood surface protected from stains and wear whilst maintaining a natural look and feel.


This floor is bevelled on all 4 sides which helps distinguish the planks and adds character to the floor.

Fully Bonded

Installed with a flexible wood flooring adhesive to help the floor move as it contracts and expands whilst keeping it bonded to the subfloor.

Subfloor Preparation
During Installation
Installation Complete - awaiting skirting
Installation Complete - awaiting skirting

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