With a diverse range of durable, stylish products as well as excellent customer service and unparalleled “green” credentials Moduleo is proud to be different.

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Moduleo combines the authenticity and beauty of natural products, with the rugged durability of innovative vinyl technology.

With three distinct product ranges; Impress, Select and Transform, they offer beautiful wood and stone effect finishes which include oak, wenge, teak, pine, elm, maple, concrete, slate, bluestone and granite.

Their Select range of products are ideal for home use only while Transform, which has a hard-wearing top layer, can be used in both home and commercial environments. Their Select flooring comes with a 15 year guarantee while Transform is available with a 20 year guarantee. Impress is their brand new collection which is ideal for both home and commercial use, it includes all the benefits of Select & Transform but includes a fantastic registered emboss texture allowing you to see and feel actual grooves and knots just like in real wood.


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By using a structure press the top layer of the tiles feature a relief that accurately recreates the subtle textures of wood grains and stone grooves. Thanks to extra long sizes Moduleo avoid pattern repeats, giving a natural feeling to your flooring and giving you the satisfaction of a truly unique look.

Easily Maintained

The easy maintenance of luxury vinyl flooring (a simple weekly mop or brush keeps the floor looking as good as new) together with great sound and heat insulation properties ensures that luxury vinyl flooring is a great, cost effective alternative to the real stone or wood flooring.


Moduleo is moisture resistant and R10 rated slip resistant making it perfect for slippery areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the unique Protectionite PU wear layer, Moduleo is also scratch and scuff resistant.


Combine ten brand-new flooring formats to create up to 110 unique wood and stone effect designs from selected products in the Transform and Impress ranges. The designs range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic, giving you complete flexibility to create bespoke, design-led floors that reflect your individual style.


All Moduleo flooring contains up to 50 per cent recycled material of verified origin and are themselves recyclable, whilst their Belgian production plant meets the strictest EU air and water pollution policies. Moduleo products are only shipped from Belgium, rather than the Far East which saves on unnecessary transportation and is much kinder to the planet.


Moduleo provide a minimum of 10 years warranty on all their floorings. Select range carries a 10 year domestic warranty, whilst Transform, Impress and Moods carry a 20 year domestic warranty.

Information taken from Moduleo's website and/or marketing materials.

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