"It is not only a floor! It is the biggest piece of furniture in the room - that most of the time you are in contact with walking from room to room. When you buy a wood floor from us, you choose quality, innovation and respect for the nature!"

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As early as 1641 the processing and work with wood originally started with two small sawmills in the scenic part of southern Norway.

Boen’s Norwegian heritage of experience and craftsmanship makes their products unique in the international market. With roots and experience that takes them back more than 370 years in time, they get the strength to be bold, innovative and creative. A true passion for trends, inspires their product development and keep them relevant and visible in the rapidly changing world of interior.


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Not Just Oak

Boen’s ranges of flooring include not just Oak floors but also Ash, Beech, Cherry, Canadian Maple and American Walnut. So you can be sure they have the species of floor that you want.


Quality is in their dedication: they apply 6 thin layers of oil, or lacquer, rather than fewer thicker layers. Their tests show that several thin layers increase the surface’s durability.


The surface treatment effects the appearance and durability of the parquet. Boen offer four surface treatments. The award winning Live Pure, an ultra matt lacquered finish that looks and feels almost untreated, Live Natural oil, the traditional Live Satin lacquer and the popular Live Matt lacquer.


The majority of Boen’s floors are Click. To give you or your installer the easiest and best installation experience, they have chosen the two best patented locking systems for parquet flooring. The long edge of the board uses the trusted Clic profile from Unilin and on the short-end, the latest 5G joint from Välinge secures the laying.


Boen flooring is a product of natural materials. Respect for nature and for the requirement of environmental sustainability is reflected in their processing and management of raw materials. Boen constantly seeks methods for processing the raw materials in the most gentle and sustainable manner possible.


Boen produce parquet flooring with top level of quality. With a monitoring system that checks every aspect of production, they are so sure their production meets the highest standards of quality that they give a 25-year warranty.

Information taken from Boen's website and/or marketing materials.

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See the whole room as an entire project, and select wood flooring, skirtings, and stairs in the same material and colour. These elements will make your rooms look bigger and create a coherent connection through the whole house.

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